Friday, July 22, 2011

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A nearly 30-year-old illegal quagmire of obscene, documented and carefully orchestrated, Michigan frauds against an innocent, EMU tenured full professor has long been before us as a public record in these MICHIGAN "Crimes of State". By their very existence these unresolved crimes now uniquely define Michigan as a criminal enterprise as seen from any normal perspective derived from these unreasoned crimes against a person.
Under the leadership and authority of EMU’s President John W. Porter, the five Michigan officials depicted in the 6/23/81 Collins memo displayed here, RWC, AHE, CDS, AWD, and Ron Santo, are seen of record to have conspiratorially devised a "Plan of Action" that became the process for the illegal termination of a this innocent EMU tenured full professor. The reasons Porter had for conducting these criminal actions are unknown but possibly were of political nature in relation to the justice-obstructionist, Michigan Representative, Gary M. Owen for which EMU’s business school was later named.
This official "Plan of Action"was subsequently executed under President Porter’s continued Michigan authority by his Director of Human Resources, MI-licensed counsel James P. Green, who with Russell C. Petrella may also have helped devise this plan. As documented under his official EMU letterhead on July 27, 1982, [see posted letter image above or below] Green contracted EMU with MI licensed forensic psychologist Petrella then at Ypsilanti’s Criminal Forensic Psychiatric Center to conduct a "psychological analysis" of said professor for $65/ hour To assist him in his remote and secret assessment in total violation of the extant EMU-AAUP contract Green illegally released our professor’s confidential personnel file to Petrella without our professor’s knowledge or required consent. Although this was an academic and labor/union affair not at all forensic in nature, Petrella unprofessionally and unethically also proceeded to interview numerous of our professor’s chemistry department detractors in order to incompetently compile his seriously flawed, 5-page professor’s "psychological analysis" of record from his herein acquired flawed data. Petrella’s behaviors here were incompetently conducted without knowledge or permission of our subject professor as would normally be ethical with a patient. Subsequently this seriously flawed 5-page Petrella analysis was central to the illegal Ann Arbor federal court’s removal from EMU of our tenured professor along with much but not all of his personal, office, and research properties. While serving these court papers on our professor, frightening, aggressive methods such as loud banging on our professor’s home & door tantamount to breaking it down were used. The court papers so served by these police methods induced such intense stress that in immediate study of them, especially of Petrella’s attached 5-page "psychological analysis" document that they presented the overwhelming implication to him that our innocent professor should immediately commit suicide to solve EMU’s "problem"as Petrella had herein documented by implication. The EEOC did not sue EMU as it should have but only provided a "Right to Sue" letter which was later obviated by misconduct in the same Ann Arbor federal court by U.S. District Judge, Charles A. Joiner in unconstitutionally denying a jury trial and by his Magistrate Judge Steven D. Pepe involving other judicial misconduct.
Rendered permanently unemployable with no income by this illegal 1982 removal and termination, our innocent, "tenured" full professor has rightfully engaged in whistle-blowing actions as here for nearly the next 30 years, meeting only silence, obstruction of justice, and other official misconduct by Michigan officials, e.g., Governor, Attorney General [such as Granholm, Cox] in return. No attempt has been made to adjust for these "Crimes of State" , pay back salary, correct licensure database errors, or make apologies or other justified redemptive restitution or reparative compensations. The unpaid salary corrected for inflation and interest is now estimated at over $600M [see EXCEL spreadsheet above or below in this blog] and is planned to fund a permanent historical library and research center to document this affair for the public benefit and historical study and to facilitate resumption of the ongoing scientific, electrochemical and other research that was wrongfully truncated by these criminal state actions. The over $600M current MI debt in unpaid salary may have to be recovered from the federal government as it’s herewith assumed MI debt - this due to the various contract violations that have led to losses of instant state’s rights here and general jurisdictions not to mention possible 3- or 10-fold state/federal multipliers for criminal fraud.

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